Why you should rush out to buy Onrush

The biggest complaint you hear from gamers is how even though graphics today may be brilliant and ‘ultra-realistic’, they still miss the fun of the good old days. Nowhere is this truer than in the genre of arcade style racing games. If you’ve played one racing car game, it seems, then you’ve played them all. And none of them knows how to bring anything new and exciting to the table. They’re all copycats of each other

That is until, we believe, Onrush came along.

It simply revives the thrills you’ve missed out on in similar racing titles. Onrush is a serious contender for best arcade racer because of it:

  • Brings forward highly original game-play concepts we haven’t seen a while
  • Features a vast variety of game modes which make it very replayable
  • Makes you feel like you’re in a classic arcade game all over again
  • Has the potential to beat games like Forza and Gran Turismo
  • Allows you to smash everything in the game to pieces.