Why you need to play Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a historical set RPG game focusing on real-world history. The game takes you back to the early 15th century of central European Bohemians culture. The game is made more realistic from the arts, weapons, music and environment.

It’s based on first-person mode and single play like many others right now, and for those who love quest missions where your choices decide the direction of the game, this game is perfect for you. Kingdom Come deliverance allows the player to choose either to fight or use non-violent methods to achieve mission goals.

The realistic nature of the game allows the gamer to re-live the past without missing any of the old action. Combat is a key part of the game where there are varieties of strategies for defence and attack. The game allows the player to get better at the chosen method of engagement whether it is through diplomacy, fighting or music and art. The realism of the game will definitely make you want to play to the end.