Streaming Games – What Do I Need?

For some of us, the dream is to be able to have our career as a gamer. Streaming gameplay videos to an audience to make our money. Doing what we love to make money. Now, getting into this industry can be difficult, especially now as there are a lot of popular streaming gamers around. But, here is a list of what you need to start your streaming gamer career.

One of the main pieces of equipment that you will need to become a streamer gamer is a console of your choice. This can either be your PC or console, but you need to know what kind of gamer you want to be and purchase the correct equipment for that.

Streaming Platform
You will also need to research streaming platforms. Which one of these will work the best for you and what you want to do. Setting up an account on this platform and begin making your following.

Recording Equipment
As you start in the streaming world, you will want to invest in your own recording equipment. Every streamer will need at least a microphone so their audience can hear them well. If you want to show your own face for reactions to the game, you will also need to invest in a good camera for these recording purposes.

Most importantly you will need to have a lot of patients. Most people do not realise this but creating a career in the gaming streaming industry does take a lot of time. It will not happen overnight. Your best bet is to start part-time, working alongside this as a hobby, then as you start earning more money, think about the amount of time you put into your streaming career.

This can be an expensive industry to get into, but if you make it, every investment will be truly worth it.