Playstation or Xbox?

This debate is an ongoing one, with many on team Playstation and others on team Xbox. There are many pros and cons with any console, but why do gamers have a console preference?

With the latest debate being between Xbox Series X and the Playstation 5.

The Xbox has a more powerful GPU however the Playstation has a faster solid state drive.

The Xbox has a bigger storage capacity, while the PlayStation has a quicker raw read speed. The space for storing can be expanded too. As for read speeds, the PS5 is over twice as fast as the Xbox Series X.
The Xbox Series X features a Quick Resume feature that allows multiple games to be suspended at one time. Allowing players to jump straight back into a game without a loading screen while the PS5 features a new interface system that shows individual missions and modes from multiple games on the main menu, meaning players are able to jump back into that activity without rebooting the game up first.