Impact Of Lockdown On Gaming

In March 2020, the United Kingdom went into full lockdown. But what impact did this have on the gaming community? Was it positive or negative?

Since lockdown began, games have become much more popular. The already popular games like Fifa have seen the number of players increase dramatically. For gaming companies, this has had a major positive impact! Their financial gain has been astonishing. More people playing equals more money for them.

On the contrast, with more people playing games, the actual gamers could see a negative impact. This being that some of their relationships could be put at risk. With family and partners feeling frustrated with how much time they are gaming. However, mentally gaming through lockdown could have a positive impact on us gamers. We are still being able to keep in contact with friends through gaming networks.

Overall, lockdown in 2020 has had a positive impact on both gamers and the gaming industry.