Gaming Conventions Are Back! Here’s Why You Should Go!

The past year has been a crazy one for every industry. But, with the Covid-19 restrictions being fully lifted in the United Kingdom, it means gaming conventions can now start up again with no restrictions in place!

So, today we are going to share with you our top three reasons for why you should be going to a gaming convention in these coming years!

Firstly, friendships! Heading out to gaming conventions is the perfect place to meet up with any online friends you have made over the past year. When people have been spending more time gaming online, they will have likely made new friends. A gaming convention becomes the perfect mutual place where you can meet these new friends as well as see old friends!

Another reason you should go to a gaming convention is for some normality. Following on from the last year we have all had, we all want some normality back in our lives. Heading to a gaming convention for those amid gamers is the perfect way to bring some normality back into their lives.

Another reason is cosplay. It may come as a surprise but some gamers are creative and enjoy creating their own cosplay costumes. This allows everyone to meet some of their favourite characters, cosplayers and professional gamers in person.

Finally, sneak peeks. You find me a gamer who doesn’t enjoy having a sneak peek of a new upcoming game or console and I will be surprised. Gaming conventions are the best place to go to see these sneak previews of games that are being released soon!

So, after our top four reasons why you should go to a gaming convention, will you be booking your ticket for an upcoming convention? Go out, have some fun, and bring some normality back to your life.